Ilona Sola / About me

I am Ilona Sola, a Finnish singer and songwriter. I would describe my music as R&B-Influenced pop, characterized by reflective storytelling and dynamic vocal expression. Some may also describe my music as "deep shit" - I suggest you to listen to some of my songs and you may know what they mean.

My musical role models are Jessie J, Beyonce, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Someone once said I´m like the vocalist equivalent of a solo metal guitarist, since I admire all the world´s biggest technical singer maniacs, singing high and making all sorts of rapid run of notes. I know it should be interpretation first and I always try, but sometimes I just can´t help myself, my nature just takes the lead and up we go..

I also like writing stories about people´s lives - saying things that are often some kind of a taboo. In these stories I describe what I see and hear in my own weird way. I think everyone has their own lens through which they view the world, and there is a seed of truth in everyone´s perspective.

I released my debut album in 2018. After that I've released singles and music videos: "How Do You All Know (What To Do) (2021) and "There's Something You Should Know" (2021) to name but a few. If you want to stay tuned on what´s happening with the album, gigs and everything, subscribe to my Youtube channel (as an added bonus, your subscription will surely motivate me to make more videos). See you there!