Ilona Sola is a Finnish singer, songwriter and pop artist. Her own music has been described as R&B-Influenced pop, charactarized by reflective storytelling and dynamic vocal expression. As her musical role models Ilona lists Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Michael Jackson and Jessie J.

Ilona Sola┬┤s first album "Blue" came out 2018. The album covers topics such as invasion of one's personal space, loneliness and expectations related to being a woman. Three of the album's tracks have also been released with music videos: Stain on the Floor (2017), Blue (2018) and What a Woman Should Be (2018).

After the album Ilona has released singles and music videos, "How Do You All Know (What To Do)" (2021) and "There's Something You Should Know" (2021) to name but a few.