How Do You All Know (What To Do) (Official Video)
Oi jouluyö (cover by Ilona Sola)
I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston (cover by Ilona Sola)
Ilona Sola - What a Woman Should Be (Official Music Video)
Ilona Sola - Blue (Official Music Video)
Ilona Sola - Stain on the Floor (Official Video)
Ilona Sola - Someone like you by Adele (cover)
Ilona Sola - Thinkin' out loud by Ed Sheeran
Ilona Sola - Stay by Sara Bareilles
Ilona Sola - I care by Beyoncé
Ilona Sola - The heart of the matter by Don Henley
Ilona Sola - Silent Night
Ilona Sola - Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai
IDA ELINA & ILONA SOLA - When you believe (Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey) | Riihimäki 2016
Ainutkertainen by Sami Saari (cover by Ilona Sola)